Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Create, manage and optimize your Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns

PPC Campaign Management Service

Google AdWords is Google's advertising platform, and it's THE #1 PPC advertising platform in the world. It is divided into three parts: search network, display network and YouTube network.


With Google AdWords you can create text ads, graphic banners or videos that are displayed on sites related to your business to reach your target group quickly, directly and simply, by only paying for clicks or visualizations obtained in your campaigns.

We offer you our SEM/PPC management service in which we manage your advertisement for you. We focus on management and optimization, and you focus on following up the leads that your campaigns produce. If it's a branding campaign, we focus on help you obtain the most amount of impressions for a proper brand exposure and recognition within your target group. 

Some of our PPC Work

PPC Campaign Management

Google AdWords Search Network

This is the most popular Pay-per-Click advertisement network in the world, and the most cost-effective! Pay for impressions or clicks to your ads, and get visitors to your website, app downloads, or software installs. You decide how much you want to invest, and we do the rest for you. 

Google AdWords Display Network

With over 2 million websites on it's network, Google's Display Network lets you reach your target audience in almost any kind of website. You can display banners, animations or videos that promote your brand or product, and increase the brand awareness, recognition and drive traffic to your website by giving it the right exposure, at the right time, to the right audience. We can design, manage and optimize your display ads. 

YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine in the world. Are you already advertising on it? Reach billions of potential customers, by displaying video and text ads, and pay only when your customers show real interest in your product or service. 

Let us manage your ads.